What kind of reporting is required?

There is no official reporting required, but you will be asked about updates on your program throughout the year.

Will the grant partially fund a program? Are matching funds required?

The grant will consider partially funding a project as long as there is a plan for finding the further needed funding. Matching funding is not required for programs. 

Can you submit multiple proposals?

You can submit as many proposals as you wish. If doing so, please email Jude DesNoyer, cjdesnoy@ncsu.edu, your preference of approval.

Is a Faculty or Staff advisor required for student projects? 

No, but oversight will be conducted by the Activation & Outreach Manager. 

Can a project be funded multiple years in a row? 


What items are prohibited from funding?

If there are potentially unauthorized expenditures submitted on grant proposal, you will be contacted for clarification before a decision has been made.

How will the funding be allocated?  

Grant award winners will submit invoices or receipts for payment or reimbursement.  

What happens if we cannot host the program and/or the funding is not spent? 

If the program was attempted to be put on with satisfactory effort (planned, marketed, and funding spent) but was not able to move forward due to unforeseen circumstances, no penalty will be accrued.

If satisfactory effort was not made (no planning, no marketing or promotions or no funding spent) to move forward with the program, the applicant and their student group (if applicable) will not be allowed to apply for a grant for 3 years.

Will I need insurance or liability coverage for my program? 

The Activation & Outreach Manager will discuss this with the program leader and if so, help them ensure all coverages are in place for the program to be successful.


For questions or more information about the grant program, please contact the Jude DesNoyer, cjdesnoy@ncsu.edu, with the NC State Real Estate & Development Office.