The Centennial Campus Community Grant was created to provide resources, knowledge and experience for NC State Faculty, Staff, Students and Partners who are eager to create programmatic opportunities that bridge the gap between NC State University and the Raleigh community. 

Who is Eligible

We are looking for CHAMPIONS! Champions of NC State and those who are interested in spreading what they do with the Triangle community through creative and thoughtful programs. The CCCP Grant is open to all NC State Faculty, Staff, Students, and Partners, as well as local community members who wish to work with NC State University.


Five (5) grants of up to $2,000 will be awarded each cycle. In addition to funding, the Activation & Outreach Manager for the university’s Real Estate Office will be available to assist with operational support such as space allocation, vendor selection and site management if needed .


The grant cycle will be continuously available throughout the year. All funds must be used within a 12 month period of being awarded.

While the grant is open to all ideas, programs that have the best chance of being funded are:

  • Free of charge and open to the NC State and local communities
  • Those that showcase collaboration efforts between multiple departments or colleges, user groups, or public and private units.
  • Outdoor events, professional seminars, community functions
  • Showcase the mission, values, research and/or education of NC State University

Programs that will not be considered are:

  • Only available to a specific group
  • Require permanent structures to be built
  • Go towards paying debt for previously held program


For more information about the grant program, please email Jude DesNoyer with the NC State Real Estate & Development Office,